The Wheels Of Chance

“Hey apologies for last night I must of sounded a complete idiot,” the message comes through this morning from new Bright Young Thing. Must Have, I think. Oh dear. “By any chance are you available next week instead. I have a deadline on Sunday and fear I may have to work at the weekend. Thought I would ask as I don’t want to muck you around. Sorry. 😦 . Or Sunday if you are free.”
“Yes, Sunday is great,” I reply. “Trainer 12 – 1 but free after that. You sounded lovely ;). What time is deadline? Next week also fine.”
Nothing back from him yet. And, really, it is not great to cancel the first date when he’s been banging on and on about how amazing I am. A blogging friend on here has said that he just doesn’t meet chaps who cancel the first date anymore, as they always turn out to be flaky later on.

So, I open my Tinder, start swiping and match with two new chaps:
1. Describes himself as “Scandinavian entrepreneur, aged forty, 6 ft 4”. Looks big with long hair and a beard. Mum won’t like that: “I don’t like men with hair on their faces, Tanya.” He seems keen so far.
2. English, thirty-three, 6 ft 2. Cycles a lot. Looks like Bjorn Borg in the 1970s: long dirty blond hair, headband, beard. Not the tiny shorts though, sadly, although maybe he wears them in the summer.
Me: Do you base your look on Bjorn Borg? I like it.
CycleBoy: He is my favourite Swedish person and I own a lot of his underwear, that’s probably too much info 😉
Me: What publishing company do you work for?
CycleBoy: We publish a lot of cycling titles which is great for me. BBC is our main thing: Gardener’s World, Top Gear, Radio Times etc.
Me: I do cycling too! Also write about it a bit.
CycleBoy: I’m a bit obsessed with cycling. That’s great you cycle. Where do you go?
Me: Out in the countryside with my Dad
CycleBoy: I’m a member of a cycle club in Hackney. We usually head into Essex on a Sunday.

Think he’s probably a bit better at and more serious about cycling than me, but at least we will be able to talk about it if we meet…


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