Cupid’s Arrow

“Your blog and your dating efforts both need a shot in the jugular, I suggest you try a different site,” the email says. It’s from a faithful supporter of this blog. Of course, I take the opinions of my readers extremely seriously. Don’t want the blog to bore you. So, this morning, I download OK Cupid.

And am finding it quite difficult to use, compared with Tinder. Keep pressing the wrong buttons and getting confused and matching people by mistake and so on.
Oooohhhh a message. “Are you a transsexual?” It says. Charming. That’s the way to chat up a lady!

“Ciao bella. Why are you here? Surely you do not need to be here? You are unique and beautiful. P.S. You look a little Northern Italiano.” It’s from a twenty nine year old Italian ex-model who is now a corporate lawyer. Right: This is more like it.
Me: Thank you
Him: It would be great to have drinks with you.
Me: OK
Him: Free tonight?
Me: How about tomorrow?
Him: Sure

Wish me luck?

3 thoughts on “Cupid’s Arrow

  1. Harsh! But good luck! People can be so rude to single people – it’s always good when something positive comes from it! #goodluck #psilustyou


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