Big Girls Don’t Cry

“Hey how are you? I know this might sound a bit weird to say but I wonder if you know or if any of your friends is a large girl,” the Tinder message begins. “Please don’t think I am trying to be offensive or anything…it’s just a preference like any others and it seems really difficult to find one girl that I am attracted to because this app is all about appearances and this specific type of girls don’t usually use this sort of things…This is not a joke by the way, I just thought it could be a good idea to ask…Everybody deserves to find their trully love isn’t? Anyways have a good day.”
The message is from a twenty nine year old architect. Foreign, obviously. It’s an unusual request, but reckon I can help. Toying with the idea of asking all my chums: “a chap has asked me if I know anyone really fat to go out with him – would you be interested?” – I reject it. Amusing as it would be, I don’t want to lose all my friends.
There must be sites for this, I think. Putting “dating larger ladies” into Google, it brings up lots of places. Right, I have answers for him.
“Hi,” I write. “Have been looking on the internet and there are lots of sites and even club nights that cater for that. The term is BBW: stands for Big Beautiful Women. Have a look at:
Let me know how you get on.”
His message arrives almost immediately: “Oh wow! I have no words. Thanks a lot for your help.”

So have done a good deed today. Pleased with self.

Happy Sunday!

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