Tea For Two

“I couldn’t resist to your smile. Also you’re really sexy. Can I take you out for a tea?” The Tinder message flashes up. It’s from a bright young French thing, age 26. Not sure if am going to meet him yet, but the message makes me smile every time I look at it. The cutie.
It’s Sunday, which is the most active day on Tinder apparently. It’s the day when all the Bright Young Things recuperate from their Epic Weekends by resting and Tindering. So, I’m engaged in 12 Tinder chats at the moment. They will all have to wait whilst I write this.

No messages over the weekend from NewChap – the one from Richmond though. Hopefully he’s just been busy and hasn’t gone off me already. If he has decided he doesn’t want to meet again, am certain that I didn’t do anything to put him off: didn’t drink too much, cry, text other than in reply to his texts.

There are a few more of the older chaps circling too:
1. 38 year old dog trainer and photographer. Seems nice so far but suspect he is quite a popular choice, due to the gorgeous photos of dogs and ponies on his profile. We shall see.
2. 36 year old banker from Paris. He writes: “You look very pretty and you sound clever. Almost too good to be true.” He has mentioned meeting next week for a drink but no date has been fixed yet.
3. Another 38 year old. Lots of shaggy hair. Good chat. Possibly meeting him next week.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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