Puppy Love

“Puppy power,” the WhatsApp message arrives. It’s from MediaChap. Opening it, I see a basket of golden Labrador puppies. “Puppy love,” the next message says and a puppy is pushing a wet nose towards me.
“Ahhhh puppies. What do you do with them?” I say.
“Hug them and look after them,” MediaChap replies.
“Where are you?” I say.
“Guide Dogs For the Blind in Leamington Spa. It’s where they breed them. Quite amusing as they actually put them in rooms where they dim the lights and play sexy music. It helps them mate,” he says.
“Cuddle them from me,” I say.
“Sure. I’ll hug you too,” he says.
“I do still want to meet by the way,” I say. Had to cancel our date tonight as mood is very low and need to stay with parentals until am feeling better.
“Me too,” he says.
“Yum. Those puppies would make a nice pre-dinner snack,” the panther says, licking his lips.
“You won’t be allowed anywhere near them,” I tell him. He turns away from me and starts grooming himself: rasping his haunches with his tongue.

Isn’t that lovely that MediaChap volunteers for the Guide Dogs. Swoon.

Happy Friday everyone!


3 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. I am now working with my fourth guide dog, Trigger. He is a lovely brindle lab/retriever cross and I love him to bits despite his habit of stealing my colleague’s lunches, if he gets the chance …! Your bit about the panther licking his lips made me smile!

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