Shot At Dawn

MediaChap: I’m so up for a gentle time, you should have no fear of me x
If you like we can get a table near the bar so people can keep a keen eye on me and make sure we behave ourselves.
*Tanya wonders who are these people and what sort of misbehaviour MediaChap would get up to without them*
I’m actually looking forward to having a low pressure date with someone mentally stimulating.
*Am about as mentally stimulating as a dead mouse, Tanya thinks*
Tanya: Will sharpen my mental powers then.
MediaChap: No, you don’t have to sharpen them. It’s not a test.
Tanya: The thing is: it’s lovely that you like the idea of me but I have So Many Problems.
MediaChap: I know you do.
Tanya: How?
MediaChap: So does everyone. That’s why romance was invented.
Tanya: That’s lovely!

Anyway: am at the Office and had better get on with my Important Work.

Happy Monday everyone!


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