In Bruges

Have a Date tonight: first one for a couple of weeks. Am nervous as he looks absolutely gorgeous in his photos. He’s half-Belgian/half-Danish: lots of shaggy brown hair, great cheekbones, wide mouth with naughty grin, hazel eyes. He’s not a Bright Young Thing either: this one is forty. A man of Experience. Works in telecoms for Latin America and Africa apparently.
Unfortunately am not looking my best today in old black trousers, a black vest top and an old black cardigan. It’s an office day so I’m not wearing a dress, tights and boots. Have forgotten my softie and so my chest is a bit lopsided – although now the expander has more fluid in it this isn’t too obvious. Hopefully a bit of make-up will help and will hide what they call my ‘flattened affect’ – the look of a depressed person. Must make a list of things to talk about on date:

1. Did he grow up in Belgium or Denmark or neither? Or both?
2. One of my top five fictional detectives – Hercule Poirot – is Belgian and returns to Belgium many years later in “The Chocolate Box”. Who are his top five fictional detectives?
3. What, if any, pets did he have when growing up in Belgium/ Denmark/ neither/ both.
4. Something about Vikings. Can tell him about Jorvik Viking Museum in York. Has he been to York?
5. Went on a trip to Bruges once. Can tell him about that, although it was many years ago when had just been released from the mental hospital – which mustn’t mention. Main memory of Bruges is meeting a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy and having a cuddle with him and he was so soft and fluffy. Will ask the chap if he likes mountain dogs.

That will do to be getting on with. Nervous! Am glad to have the distraction of the Office…


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