Dressed To Kill

Before leaving the house for tonight’s date with MediaChap, need to:

1. Have bath and even wash hair.
2. Clean contact lenses: am one of the last people in the world who still wears gas-permeable lenses. Can’t just open a packet and take out some new lenses: have to mess about with two different solutions and saline and boiled water.
3. Put the dishwasher on.
4. Write and post today’s blog entry.
5. Dress in gorgeous outfit: purple suede boots, dress, tights.
6. Apply make-up so that don’t arrive with that eyeliner-drawn-on-wonky-whilst-on-underground look.

Am excited. MediaChap is a writer, is setting up a magazine and works at a media consultancy. We ought to have plenty to talk about.

Wish me luck?


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