A Woman Of Substance

“Hope you had a divine day, you are a mini genius with sinful pins x”. The Whatsapp message snakes across my screen. It’s from MediaChap.
“Thank you. Hope the course was good. Had such a lovely time the other night,” I say. He’s doing a video-editing course, or at least that’s what I think he said. Something to do with videos anyway.
“Yeah, it’s good,” he says. “More to add to the workload. You can definitely wear black tights again. Good workout?”
“Yes, was good. Thank you for all the compliments. Hope you get a break from work soon,” I say.
“A lady like you deserves it. You have a lot of substance but don’t show off,” he says.
“Thank you!” I reply. Have never been accused of having “substance” before. Am hoping that it is a good quality to have. Maybe will read “A Woman Of Substance” and that will shed some light on the subject. Know there is a copy somewhere at the parental home…

Had better make some supper and have an early night now though. Have to be up at 8.15am to watch Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open Men’s Final. The ladies were brilliant this morning.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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