Cuts Through Bone

“The standard: incredible at the moment. Both players playing their best tennis,” the commentator says. Novak took the first set 7 – 6 in the tiebreak and now it’s 5 – 5 in the second set. Andy is serving. They’ve been playing for two hours and fourteen minutes. Just watching it is exhausting.
Am under a duvet in my nest in front of the television. Need to put some clothes on – seeing my trainer at 12 o’clock – but the tennis is all-consuming. There hasn’t been a lull or a dull moment. Andy’s just saved three break points in this game and now he’s won it. 6 – 5 to Andy in this second set. “These are two of the most brutal sets I’ve ever seen,” the commentator says as the players pummel the ball.

Dates next week: 0
Possible second date with MediaChap but we haven’t sorted out a day yet.
Had better get to work on arranging some dates. After this match that is, which has just gone into a second set tiebreak…

Woohoo! Andy wins the second set tiebreak! Must dress and crawl to gym now that it’s one set all.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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