How’s The Pain?

Current Physical Complaints:
1. Upper back pain – probably from sitting at office computer for two solid days: there’s a reason why I don’t go to work too often.
2. Headache – presumably from staring at screen for two days. See above.
3. Aching in thighs – from working legs in training, therefore good pain to be experiencing.
4. Stretching feeling in chest – from skin expanding – another good pain.
5. Severe cold that goes on and on.
6. And causes earache.
7. Neckache – not sure if this is even a word. Must be connected to headache though.

Is amazing that am out of bed and at the office really. Am going to award self a medal for effort: trudged through nearly a centimetre of snow uphill to find my bus earlier today. Can’t wait to see my trainer tomorrow and sort physical self out a bit. And then put on pretty dress and meet MediaChap. He had better not cancel…


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