Carmina Burana

“What are you up to at the weekend?” MediaChap says. We’re sitting on a sofa outside an auditorium at the Royal Festival Hall. Bits of Carmina Burana are filtering through the woodwork. It’s beautiful.
“Seeing the new Stoppard play on Saturday lunchtime and other than that not much. Why?” I say.
“Do you want to come to Bristol with me? It’s a friend’s birthday. I’ve booked a hotel and…”
“Wow, I’d love to,” I say. “Thank you. That’s so lovely of you to ask,” I say, thrilled that twenty minutes or so into our second date he’s not only asked me to go away with him for the weekend but also to meet some of his friends. He must like me.
“No pressure,” he says. “I don’t want you to stress about it. If you don’t feel up to it that’s fine.” He puts his hand on my arm.
“I’d love to come,” I say. “Providing the trains are working, I can get the tube to Paddington and catch the train. It will be fun.”
“Great,” he says, smiling. He’s grown some blond stubble since last time and it suits him.
“I’ve got some friends in Bristol actually,” I say. “Although they’ve each got a couple of small children so don’t know how easy it will be to see them last minute at a weekend.” Sipping my drink, suddenly I’m excited about having a long train journey to crack on with some reading. And I’ll meet some new people and I might even like them. And there will be food at the party and maybe even a minibar in the hotel…


2 thoughts on “Carmina Burana

  1. I was in the Festival Hall several weekends ago listening to Verdi’s Requiem with friends. With me having a guide dog they put us in a box so he could have more space which was great, (it’s the first time I have had my own private box)! I hope the trip to Bristol goes well. Kevin

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