Have His Carcase

Back on the bike, at the gym, writing this. It’s dark outside. The panther has vanished thankfully and my thoughts run along these tracks:
1. Am I waiting for MediaChap to say “I don’t want you to meet other boys”. For example: have no plans this evening. Have a few boy vultures circling my carcase/ carcass (either spelling is fine. Have just checked). So: can meet one of these new matches. If can be bothered. At what point does one remove self from Tinder. Surely one needs to speak about it with the chap first whilst keeping options open for the time being.
2. Read in the March issue of “Women’s Health” magazine that a fat tummy can be caused by under active thyroid in article entitled “Target Your Fat Zones”. Other symptoms include constipation (yes) and fatigue (definitely). Maybe will arrange a thyroid test.
3. Edward Petherbridge as Lord Peter Wimsey has to be one of the top five hottest-male-fictional-detectives: blond, beautiful R.P accent, the perfect gentleman. Watching “Have His Carcase” at the moment which also stars a young Harriet Walter as Harriet Vane. Must get hold of some of the Dorothy L Sayers books.
4. Maybe will return to own detective novel set in a spin class – “The Wages Of Spin”. Is a shame to waste the title.
5. Or start writing something new that is fiction and not about my own self. Even a short story.
6. Need to unload dishwasher when return home.
7. And put a wash on.
8. And have Early Night in preparation for office tomorrow.
9. Will just watch Inspector Lynley – who, as played by Nathaniel Parker, tops the hottest-male-fictional-detectives list.
10. If could just have a relationship with a fictional character that would be far preferable to all this Real Life business.

Will leave you with this riddle from a new Tinder chap:
What sort of cheese do you use to hide a horse?

Happy Sunday everyone!

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