Clubbed To Death

No word from MediaChap since Saturday night and I can see that my WhatsApp message yesterday hasn’t been delivered. Maybe he has broken or even lost his phone. Or been kidnapped by aliens. It’s strange to think that in this day and age, where one can be connected to someone on so many different devices and websites, if he has indeed lost his phone then that will be it. Unless he buys a new phone, logs on to Tinder and spends hours swiping through people until he finds me. We don’t have landline numbers for each other. We don’t know each other’s email addresses.
Of course, I have his mobile number. Know his full name so could maybe find him on Facebook. Could write to the publishers of his book and ask them to forward him an email. He doesn’t know my full name so he has no way of finding me unless…
This is silly, I decide. We’ve been on a couple of dates now and he asked me to go away with him at the weekend. It’s OK for me to get in touch with him.
“Hope weekend was fun. You back?” I text.
“Yes I am. Phone crashed and lost all numbers. Who might this be?” he replies, immediately.
“Brain box hot cakes,” I say.
“Thought so. How was Stoppard?” he says.
“Good! How was Bristol?” I ask him.
“The publishing bods weren’t around. It was good catching up with friends. Not sure what you would have thought. Bristol lovely x.” He replies.
“Am glad I didn’t miss them then. Would be excited to meet your friends,” I say. Am flattered anyway that he thinks am normal enough or something to introduce to his friends.
“We could catch up Thursday?” he says.
“Am away Wednesday till Friday. How about tomorrow?” I say.
“I’ll see if I can shift tomorrow around,” he says.

Later on, he messages: “OK tomorrow should be OK now.” He has moved an arrangement so he can see me, which is lovely.
“Are we allowed to go to your club and look at the library?” I ask.
“We can go if you like. It’s not super fancy but lots of pics of Winston,” he says.
“Yay! Excited!” I say. Can’t wait to see all the military men in their club. It will be just like being in an Agatha Christie or a P.G. Wodehouse…

Must get going, have another chap tonight: Danish, works in Finance. Will tell you about him tomorrow..


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