Look Back In Anger

“Hi darling. Have you booked flight?” I say to Arjen in a Facebook message. Need to know as am trying to arrange a dinner with my writing workshop group.
“Yes I have,” his message comes back.
“Woohoo! On the Friday!” I ask him.
Arjen is of my faith, remember, so is fine to see him on a Friday night.
“Yes. Friday 6th March,” he says.
“See you soon then,” I say.
So that’s good: that’s one date confirmed. Looking forward to seeing him.

No MediaChap tonight. On the plus side: he called last night and we had a chat.
“We will go for Indian soon in Brick Lane,” he says.
So he’s not going to rustle up an Indian feast himself. Although this is a bit disappointing, a Brick Lane eatery will probably do a better job.
“Do you like John Osborne?” He says.
“Yes. Why?” I ask.
“Just curious,” MediaChap says. “Look Back in Anger is one of my favourites. My uncle’s in the film.”
“Love!” I say. “Who does your uncle play?”
“He’s a music legend. He’s part of the script: the band they go and see and the biggest of his time,” he says.
Ah: this is his jazz musician uncle. “My uncle taught Richard Burton to play trumpet for the film and they have become mates. Also I’ve stayed in Liz Taylor’s hotel suite.”
“I love her. Obviously,” I say. As you lot know.
“In Ischia, Italy. Filming Cleopatra,” he says.
“Me. I want to go there,” I say. “One of my plays at the office is set there: ‘Winter in Ischia’. By Robin Maugham, nephew of Somerset.”
“Age does not wither her/ nor custom stale her infinite variety,” he says.

Had better finish this as have a Date tonight:
“I’m a happy, positive, tall (6’3″) Danish man with a somewhat active lifestyle including running, cycling, squash and now recently Pilates. I am very open minded, liberal, I like walking by the river and skiing in Norway,” he writes in his Tinder profile. He looks gorgeous: tall, dirty blond hair, rugged, blue eyes. Could be an explorer or a cross-country skier.
So far we’ve just chatted about our exercise regimes.
Wish me luck?


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