Busy Monsters

No word from MediaChap since Saturday.  Hope he is OK.  Wonder if he is cross with me about something.  Perhaps he has found my blog or…I don’t know.

“Hope you are OK?  Cuddle,” I message him on WhatsApp.

“Hey, what’s up?  You at work?” He fires back.

“Just some stuff.  Possible lymphodoema in arm, allergic reaction on chest,” I say.

“Cuddles,” he says.

“Thank you,” I say.

“Is it an allergy then?” He asks.

“Yeah,” I say. “To the dressing they put on the punch biopsy holes.”

“Phew!” he says.  “Your body is fighting healthily, hence allergy.”

“Yeah, mustn’t grumble.  But arm hurts and is swollen.  Hopefully is mild and can be controlled,” I say.

“Yeah, hard to be positive all the time, but you do a great job,” he says.

“Could do with a real cuddle,” I say.

“Wednesday,” he says.

“Just having a little cry in office loo,” I tell him, because that is what seem to be doing.

“Let it all out.  You are a super ninja.  Even ninjas have a cry,” he says.

“Thank you for the chat,” I say.  “Have to return to the coalface.”

“Me too,” he says.

Flushing the loo, I make my way back to my desk, feeling better now that have had a chat with MediaChap.  He wouldn’t be so kind to me if he knew about Seb, I think.  But then he did say that it was fine for me to date other people.  Although he probably wouldn’t include getting-back-with-my-great-love in this.  But it’s none of his business.

In bed with Seb on Friday morning, I say:

“So, have you done any sexuals with anyone since we last did six years ago?”

He furrows his brow.  “No, I haven’t actually,” he says.   “And I’m not planning to either.”  He strokes my hair as I rest my face on his lovely smooth, tanned chest.

“But what about when you get to university?” I say.  “There will be lots of lithe young Ecology students and…”

“I think I’ll find them quite irritating,” he says.

“I wouldn’t,” I say, thinking that I’d love to have a whole university full of eighteen year boys to play with.

“Look, I care about you very deeply,” he says.  “I’m not going anywhere.  “Presumably he means emotionally rather than geographically: he will be going somewhere to university after all.  But he won’t be going to another monastery. Or back to Thailand or China.

“Would you like a visit at some point?”  I text Seb at 10.31pm last night, after Suzie has gone home.  Obviously have thought about little else but seeing my darling again since he left on Friday, but haven’t wanted to disturb him as he’s got three essays due in today and hadn’t started them by Friday.

“Sure,” the message comes back by return.  “Will have to work something out.  Am going to be caught up with assignments for a little bit.  That will be nice though xx”

Yay! Can start to plan trip now.

Happy Monday everyone!

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