Deadly Decisions

Pros and Cons of MediaChap


1.  He is kind and affectionate to me and obviously likes me.  He messages often.

2.  Has read some books.

3.  Thinks am gorgeous.

4.   Has lovely blue eyes.

5.  Has spent time in Israel and is not an antisemite.

6.   Has, as Dad puts it, “a means of earning a living”.

7.   Happy to watch “Hitler’s Bodyguard” and “The World At War” with me.


1.   Don’t fancy him.  Not sure how important this is.  It seems important now that Seb is back on the scene, all toned and gorgeous and….mmmmm….

2.   He needs to lose a couple of stone.  Maybe would fancy him if he was in better shape.  Can’t say this though.  Despite having written a book about running, he doesn’t exercise at the moment.

3.  He seems to lurch from one crisis to the next: this week his gas and electricity were cut off as his landlord hadn’t paid the bill.  Over the last few weeks he was working for free to pay back a company who’d overpaid him.

4.  He’s disorganised and impractical: he was two hours late yesterday, not for any real reason that he could come up with.  Then I had to go out into the street to find him as he couldn’t find the flat and couldn’t follow my step by step directions.

5.  He seems to live quite hand to mouth: never has any money, moves house often.  There’s a lack of stability to his life and work that is unsettling.

6.  He’s on Prozac.  He hasn’t told me this, but he left his pills lying around.  So either he has a mental disorder or…I don’t know.  Can’t ask him without mentioning my one and think is too early for that.  Have to wait for him to bring it up.  Also he has a stomach ulcer I think.  So his mental and physical health aren’t great.

7.  He doesn’t really make me laugh.  How important is this, I wonder.  Am the funny one, obviously, in most of my friendships*, but Seb makes me laugh, as does Arjen and even Laszlo used to a bit.

*Lucy, Lily and MadFatRunner, for example, are very funny.  Some of my brothers chums are gifted in the Art of Comedy.


13 thoughts on “Deadly Decisions

      • Don’t you just hate romance sometimes??? Very irritating! Chemistry is so incredibly important, and you definitely have to follow your heart. If something inside is telling you that you’re just not completely attracted to him, then that is one huge piece of information not to ignore!!! Those are some pretty power cons you’ve got listed there, starting with that first one.

        I remember when I was doing the online dating thing, and how I would look away so often at really obvious flaws because I just hoped they weren’t major. Sigh… but they were.. You definitely shouldn’t look away either.

        Gorgeous likes Seb because she feels he’s seems sincere and earthy to her. I don’t know about the earthy party, but sincerity is awfully important!


  1. Obviously its great that Media Chap is not antisemitic. Have you met many antisemites? I guess you must have come across some as, otherwise you would be unlikely to have mentioned it. There has been a worrying increase in antisemitism as reported in the media. However I don’t recall having personally heard many antisemitic comments in pubs etc. Kevin

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    • Depends. There’s a fair bit of it about ATM. And maybe I notice it more now I’m older too.

      Tend to mention that am Jewish quite early on in any Tinder exchanges, so if the chap is antisemitic we can delete each other quickly. It has happened 😦


      • That is terrible, that someone can hold prejudices against someone because they are Jewish, Asian or whatever. A colleague of mine is half Jewish but I wouldn’t have known this accept for the fact she mentioned it. No one can help what race they are so being prejudiced is plain stupid.


  2. Personally, I think having someone around that can make you laugh without it being an effort is important. That was actually one of my biggest indicators of whether I was willing to keep going on dates with someone. My boyfriend (whom I met online!) makes me laugh everyday, it’s just something that can’t be faked or built up over time. I say to go with your instincts, because something that doesn’t seem like a big deal now (you can live with it, maybe it’ll get better, etc) will definitely cause problems later on. Best of luck! x

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