Double Indemnity*

The Omelette

“So, what would you like to listen to: Madness, Duran Duran or Wet Wet Wet?” The nurse says.

”Duran Duran I suppose,” I say.

The pieces of the bone scanner fly down from the ceiling and come to rest above my face, grazing my nose. In front of me, the rest of the scanner forms a white arch eerily similar to a plastic Marble Arch.

“Keep your face still,” she says. ”It will be over your face for five minutes.”

The first five minutes of the Duran Duran CD are not a success and last an eternity. At long last the scanner moves down to my neck and, turning my face, I say, “is there anything else to listen to please?”

“Anything that came free with The Sunday Times,” she says.

“Maybe something classical?” I ask.

“Here we go,” she says, changing the CD.

The machine moves down to…

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