Absent In The Spring*

The sky is an unbroken blue out of the gym window.  The televisions are broken so just had to watch the end of the Davis Cup doubles match on my phone.  And we lost.  

Anyway: mustn’t grumble.  Is Spring weather out there: left coat at home and walked here in sweater, gloves and scarf.  And trousers.  Obviously.  Put some more bird food and fat balls and coconut shells out.  Maybe this year will get Chicks in the garden: there are nest boxes for this purpose.  

Thank you for all the messages today.  Really appreciate them.  If haven’t posted any, is because they contain my name and can’t have that on the anonymous blog.

     “Is no good posting on the blog that you want people to read it,” Mum says when I call her at lunchtime.  “You need to write that somewhere else.  It’s the ones who don’t read it whom you need to persuade that they must do so.”

    “Did you like today’s post?” I say.

     “I don’t think you emphasised how terrible it is for us,” Mum says.  “How we can’t do anything that anyone else does, like go on holiday or…”

    “Oh.  I thought I did,” I say.  “Sorry.”

    “Anyway, guess what we’re doing,” Mum says.  “We’re having lunch in the garden.  Pussy is sitting under the table.”

    “That’s nice,” I say.

     “He’s cleaning his fluffy tail.  Can you go in your garden?”  Mum says.

   “Um, well, there isn’t any sun,” I say.  “My baby irises are out though.  I can watch them from the house.”  There is a photo of them here so you can see them too.

    Have some worries of my own though:

1.  Have thrush again.  Have attempted to treat it, but it’s still there.  Must not scratch it when Seb is here.  Why on earth hasn’t the Pessary worked 😰

2.   What to feed Seb tomorrow.  MadFatRunner suggests moussaka and that would be lovely but am not sure that can manage it.  Have never made it before.  Would love to cook something amazing or even just something that haven’t already fed him.  Any ideas?

 Actually: will do the goat’s cheese and beetroot ravioli with pesto.  They look impressively purple and green and they were a huge hit with Suzie when made them.  Heated them up I mean.  Mr Costco makes them.  Will try to find some more salad ingredients on way home and some frozen yoghurt.  Have put some bananas in the freezer already.

3.  Mild anxiety that Seb won’t make it for some reason or that…I don’t know… He has gone off me or something.  On the plus side: have been reading my free copy of Cosmopolitan which says “weirdly, men are more turned on by historical documentaries than they are by romantic scenes in films”.  This seems obvious.  Maybe am a man as prefer documentaries too.  Anyway: is good, since historical documentaries is what he’ll be getting: have been recording a series about the Crusades and an Amanda Vickery one about the history of the Suffragettes.  And, possibly Living Free.  And some of Madagascar, the David Attenborough documentary series that is, not the cartoon film.  And Nazi Collaborators and Foyle’s War. Have prepared a feast of televisual delights at any rate, if no food as yet.

4.  Gym padlock has developed a disorder where it is a bit broken.

Anyway: had better get going.  Need to wash self or at least have a half-hearted wipe with baby wipes as am going out for dinner with Hannah and her lovely sister.  Must not eat too much.  Or drink too much.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1944 Mary Westmacott (Agatha Christie) novel.  


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  1. Exactly what I wanted next a list if how to help parentals. Hope tinught will help a little xxxxsimone ======================================== Message Received: Mar 07 2015, 05:54 PM

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