A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman*

Happy International Women’s Day everyone.  Unfortunately am spending it: making self look pretty for my Seb; cooking, cleaning and waiting for him.  He is, of course, running late: he’s lost his phone and so on.  As MadFatRunner says, am “a slave to the Patriarchy.”

“He does seem to have a somewhat calamitous relationship to logistics,” brother says in a WhatsApp message.  Brother wanders all over the world losing things, and yet is always early for everything.  Would love to know exactly what it is that means that Seb always has to be so many hours late.

Managed Spin, walk to and from gym and trip to off-licence this morning.  Just watched first episode of Suffragettes Forever, the new Amanda Vickery series.  Episode one covers the eighteenth century: not a period that know much about.  “Strengthen the female mind by enlarging it and there will be no more blind obedience,” Mary Wollstonecraft says in the programme and, really, ought to be enlarging mind by reading rather than by tidying up in front of the television and then having yet another bath when had one yesterday.  But Spin makes one sweaty and can’t have that when have a male visitor.

Now it is Davis Cup singles again.  Here, at least, is the great Judy Murray on International Women’s Day.  Come on Andy!  Argh who even is this chap beating Andy.  Ah: it’s John Isner of Isner-versus-Mahut fame.  He’s enormous: 6 ft 10 I see on the Internet.  Andy is looking strong and positive in mid-thigh length white shorts and a navy t-shirt.  

    “Isner is playing a tremendous match.  Two set points and you can’t say it’s against the run of play,” the commentator says.  Andy saves one, then the other.  Hurry up, Andy!  Need to have a bath and do things that aren’t watching this on the edge of my seat…actually nevermind.  Back to deuce.  Please don’t drop this first set. Andy wins his serve.  5 – 5, and then takes the first set.

“On a train to London as I think my car needs oil,” the message comes through from Seb.  “I have your address plus found my phone.  See you in a couple of hours.”

Had better:

1.  Wash self

2.  Clean bath and both bathrooms.  If only hadn’t bothered to shave furry bits in the bath, thereby dirtying it.

3.  Clean lenses.

4.  Put wash on and wash fat-burning shorts by hand.

5.  Tidy flat.

Andy is 4 – 2 up in the second set.  Am going to jump in the bath.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*Mary Wollstonecraft. 1792.

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