Into The Land Of The Unicorns*

If only my parentals could see the oncologist  and breast surgeon without me, I think as I walk in the sunshine at lunchtime.   Am anxious about the scan results.  At least the appointment is at 1.30pm so won’t have to spend the whole day worrying about it.  Passing a shop, I spot this little unicorn in the window.  I’ve had my eye on him for a while now.

“Please may I have a look at the unicorn in the window?” I ask the lady behind the counter.  She has long blonde curly hair and sports nude lipstick.  It looks good on her.

“There’s another one at the back of the shop,” she says, wandering off.  She returns with a unicorn.

“This one has a bent horn,” I say.  “Is it OK to see the one in the window please?”

She puts her hand into the window and pulls out the unicorn.  He’s perfect.  He’s a Jellycat one so he’s very soft.  His horn sparkles.

“Yes, I’ll take this one please,” I say, stroking his flank.

Need to find a good name for him now…


Meeting some of the crew tonight.  The place I wanted to go to emailed to say they’re fully booked until late April, so we’re going to that restaurant under the train tracks instead.  Late April indeed!  Will probably be dead by then.

“When do you reckon Lily will be allowed out?” I ask Dave when he calls last night.  He’s an owner of two small children now and knows these things.

“Not for a good few months, I shouldn’t think.  Eventually she’ll be able to express some milk and leave it at home,” he says.

Miss having my Lily with me.  It’s been almost twenty years since have had to fend for self in the wild without her.  Will be nice to see Dave and Suzie and the others anyway: as long as they’re not late etc.  Despite managing more sleep last night am still exhausted.  Must remember to get some tea bags for Suzie though: Seb used up all my teabags at the weekend…



*1994 children’s fiction fantasy novel by Bruce Colville.  First book in the Unicorn Chronicles series.


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