Chianti With My Unicorn

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Have a unicorn.  Have always wanted one.

2.  See brother in three weeks.

3.  Am back together with Seb.

4.  And going to see him in ten days time.

5.  Hopefully we can go here:

6.  Watching Inspector Lynley for the first time in ages.

7.  Soon is supper time.

8.  Then Suzie coming to stay.

9.  My amaryllis is so beautiful.

10.  There is a new WWI plane exhibition at the RAF museum and can see them soon.

11.  Am going on holiday in a mere three weeks.

12.  Am feeling OK despite cancer having spread to lungs a bit.

13.  Don’t have to spend all summer having chemotherapy.  

14.  Hair is long enough to hang down rather than stick up.

15.  Have lost weight on face: cheekbones looking more defined.

16.  The most gorgeous bloke in the whole world is my boyfriend.  

17.  Soon is the Proms.

18.  Spending tomorrow night with Ralph Fiennes.

19.  And having dinner at lovely restaurant there.

20.  My breast surgeon was severely envious and said “I could spend three hours and forty minutes looking at him: doesn’t matter if the play has two star reviews or not.”

21.  If can make it to June, David Suchet is playing Lady Bracknell.  Can’t wait.  If only Captain Hastings was going to play Gwendolen…

22.  Is Spring!

23.  Lynx are coming!  

24.  Will see the fluffy monster on Friday.

25.  Bone scan was clear.

26.  Mood remains good.

27.  Am looking good at the moment, and whether that is effect of love, hair or weight loss doesn’t matter.  It may even be Feeling-Less-Fat-Due-To-Elevated-Mood, but so what?

28.  Am looking forward to little holiday in Brighton and Worthing.

29.  And maybe to meeting a Lynx in the wild very soon.

30.  Inspector Lynley just walked past in a towel!

31.  Allowed to swim and even go in the sun on holiday.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

8 thoughts on “Chianti With My Unicorn

  1. One of my most memorable cinema outings as kid was to see The Last Unicorn – I cried and cried and cried.
    So glad there are so many reasons to be happy. Want to see your hair. Am sure looks amazing – naturally curly hair worn shorter, not boring longlonglong like everybody, is so cool!

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  2. What a wonderful list! Have a lovely holiday in Brighton and Worthing, you deserve . Special holiday. I’ve been to Brighton loads recently looking after my daughter, love Brighton, just recently went to see Saturday Night Fever.

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