The Case Of The Careless Kitten*

Back at the gym, staring out of the window.  Exhausted but at the moment am missing my afternoon sleeps so that sleep at night.

Drugs am taking:

1.  Carbamazepine: my main drug.  Mood stabiliser.

2.  Duloxetine: starting today on 30mg.  SSNRI anti-depressant.

3.  Antibiotics: three times per day.  To stop infection from the biopsy wounds.

4.  Canesten: Pessary and cream.  For the thrush caused by the antibiotics.

5.  Zolodex injection, monthly.  To put body into temporary menopause.

6.  Aromatase inhibitor.  Start today.  Side-effects include coma, stroke, heart attack, mental problems, death.  “Most side-effects pass after a few days,” the leaflet says.  Which is comforting, if hard to believe with the more severe ones…

7.  Sodium docusate: anti-constipation pills.

Just going to do a bit on the bike and then back to wash and change for rare excitement of dinner with my writing workshop chums.

Nice things:

1.  Mum just tidied my drawers at the flat and threw some old clothes out.

2.  Finally, after ten years, have new computer set up and soon will be able to write things on it.  It is red.

3.  Achieved cuddles with the world’s most orange and fluffy person. 

4.  Soon will be on the beach.

5.  Mum loves her card.  Photo attached.

6.  And her present: a cushion emblazoned with a British Blue kitten and video of The Imitation Game.

7.  The fluffy monster survived two trips up onto the roof.  Silly person.

8.  Have new Curl Gel Creme.  Let’s see if it works.  Hair now long enough to let out.

9.  Going to the Zoo tomorrow.

10.  Will see Seb very soon.

11.  Hitler’s Hunting Experiment waits on my television.  Excited about it.  Is about a projected safari park.  Will report back…

12.  Will be able to read on holiday with few distractions.  

13.  Can’t wait for Peter Ackroyd’s new Alfred Hitchcock biography.

Happy Saturday evening everyone!

*1942.  Perry Mason mystery by Erle Stanley Gardner

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