The Zoo Story*

Monday morning.  At gym before Office again.  Am going to make some progress with my fitness and fatness.  Will do some weights as am sure that lifting weights in the morning is A Good Thing for burning more calories all day.

Anyway: am here now, am going to write this on the bike.  Am even toying with the idea of a shower but that’s a bit excessive. Woke up sweating about 4.30am and then listened to my Body Scan CD three times.  

Weekend was fun but exhausting: spent all day walking around Zoo yesterday.   The photo is an eagle owl called Max – remember him as a chick around twenty years ago.

A pair of herons have moved in at Penguin Beach, attracted by the fish.  All the animals are forming pair bonds: the sights and sounds of romance are everywhere.  Squirrel monkeys chase each other up and down trees, cockatoos and macaws squawk to their partners, the aardvarks curl up in their nest.

In the Moonlight World, a grey slender loris picks his way down a branch towards me.  Stopping, he fixes me with a mirrored gaze: his eyes huge and round.

“So, the lorises weren’t breeding,” I say to my friend, in a quiet voice.  “And then the keepers put all these branches in front of the glass, to set the enclosure back, and then there were some baby ones.”

“That’s good,” she says.

“These are two of the three breeding pairs in Europe,” I say.  “So it’s important that they have babies.  They need privacy.”

The female climbs towards us, following her chap.  For a moment they hang on branches near the glass, watching us.  Then they turn round and make their way back up the foliage towards their lunch.

*1958. Edward Albee.  His first play, written in three weeks.

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