The daffodils have opened: bright yellow against the lush green grass.  This is my favourite part of the year – late March to the end of May as the earth renews itself.  There’s all the anticipation and none of the crushing disappointment of high summer.  Can begin to make Plans.  

And, of course, this summer have a Boyfriend.

“I don’t want you to put any pressure on him or get into any conversations about the future,” Mum says.  “You’ve got him now, which is what you wanted.  So I don’t want you to ruin it by frightening him off.”

But surely part of the point of having run him to ground at long last is that now can plan some activities for the summer.  Am not going to smother him with these suggestions at the moment, am just going to write them here.

1.  Maybe we can go away somewhere: in this country, obviously, no need to go mental or to expose our fragile relationship to the vagaries, stresses and horrors of Abroad.

2.  We could make a dinner party.  Well, Seb could do the work.  Can be in charge of the wine and salads.  Or perhaps lunch is better as is easier to get rid of people.  Want to be allowed to show him off a bit anyway.

3.  Imagine the excitement of parading him at a Family Event or at a friend’s birthday.  All the years of “why can’t you get a boyfriend” will be erased in an instant.  

4.  Must purchase matching leather catsuits in manner of David and Victoria Beckham in the 90s (see attached photo).

5.  We can attend a literary festival: one with luxury accommodation of course.  No, not staying in a tent, don’t be ridiculous.  Need to have the option of a bath.  Of course, when have one available at all times, can only be bothered with it a couple of times a week.  As soon as there is no prospect of one, however, can think of little else but The-Joy-of-Bathtime.  Also need a bed, for obvious reasons.

6.  There was a supplement somewhere on The Top Ten Luxury Treehouses.  That would be nice.  Seb would enjoy being in nature.  Maybe there will be Owls.

7.  Can cast off the tyranny of tights and let my legs roam free.

8.  Have booked Minx foil wraps for toenails so they will look good on holiday and on Romantic Minibreak.  Am still a slave to the tyranny of nail art, it seems.

9.  There is a new puppy person in the countryside and am keen to meet him as soon as possible. This means an expedition.  Need to sort this out now is spring.

10.  Springwatch Easter special on Good Friday.  Will be abroad but will set the video.  

11.  In May there will be actual Springwatch.  Seb may well want to watch it.  

12.  Have recorded Control and Shame so am prepared next time he wants a modern film.  

13.  New walk through lemur exhibit opening at my Zoo next month.

14.  Maybe there will be aardvark babies at the Zoo.  My aardvark Misha has hot new German chap, Otto.  Fingers crossed for aardvark love this spring.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1804 poem by William Wordsworth.  


3 thoughts on “Daffodils*

  1. Hi there,
    I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch via your (brilliant!) blog. I’m producing a follow up documentary to the Stephen Fry film made 10 years ago. Ross Wilson is the director. We’re hoping to make contact with you and I wondered if I could email you?
    I’m on rebecca.burrell@matchlight.co.uk
    Will look forward to hearing from you.
    Best, Rebecca

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