The Daughter Of Time*

Happy Richard III burial day.  Don’t think have urged you to read anything yet but please read The Daughter Of Time by Josephine Tey.  It’s a detective classic and addresses whether or not Richard III killed the princes in the tower.  It was one of Mum’s favourite books when she was young and it has aged well I think, re-read it recently.

So am watching Richard III: The Princes in the Tower in preparation for the main event, the re-burial in Leicester Cathedral.  Ah, is nice to have a royal event to enjoy.  And here is my David Starkey and my Philippa Gregory talking about who-killed-the-princes.  Feel a special love for Philippa Gregory: during chemotherapy her books were the only ones that wanted to read.

Hope you enjoy the re-burial and all the related Richard III programmes.  Having finished that one, am watching Richard III: The New Evidence about finding and identifying the car-park-in-Leicester skeleton as the dead king. 

Of course, we all have a special connection to Richard III.  He’s Shakespeare and Thomas More’s antihero.  Without his gruesome death at Bosworth in 1485 there’d be no Tudors. And yet he’s the last Plantagenet king, the last English king to die in battle.  

“A man who was struggling against adversity and could be a bit of a hero,” the commentator says.  He suffered from scoliosis and chronic arthritis yet he led an army into battle.  He’s a very modern character somehow: disabled, the odds stacked against him and yet a loyal brother to Edward IV – or was he – and loved by his people in the North.  Plus, of course, his unsavoury relationship with his niece Elizabeth who would go on to marry his successor Henry VII.  

Anyway: it’s all fascinating.  Takes me out of my own mental and physical problems.  Urge you to watch and enjoy the TV coverage and all the ongoing questions around Richard III.

Wow!  Look at this: a Richard III impersonator with scoliosis who performs as the king at the museum at Bosworth.  Life is fascinating.

Bet that Seb is watching all this. Thinking about him today but not to the extent that am going to annoy him when he’s working.

Happy Richard III Sunday everyone!

2 thoughts on “The Daughter Of Time*

  1. I just ordered The Daughter of Time. Perfect timing for a good suggestion: I need some good new reads and have known of JT for years but never read her work. Thanks!

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