Swimming Home*

Sooooooo much to do before weekend away and then holiday.  Argh.  Have at least achieved lash tint – blue black – and Minx foil wraps on toes (see photo).  

Let’s make a list:

1.  Find swimwear and make sure it’s clean.  Swimming!  In the sea!  For first time in two years at least.

2.  Get suitcase out from under bed and leave on floor.  “It’s a good idea to start mentally to pack about now,” Mum says.  So beginning to think, in a vague way, about what to take with.

3.  Make sure that have vital Meds, cosmetics, travel-sized shampoos etc.

4.  The books are forming a pile at parental home: a book mound.

5.  Have shaved furry bits just now so will just need tidying up a couple of times.

6.  Not sure whether to apply gradual-tanning-body-lotion a couple of times, on legs at the very least.  Whole self is luminous white from two years of not-being-allowed-in-sun.

7.  The weather is about 24 degrees where we’re going, so dress-and-cardigan temperature.  We’ve got a couple of formal events so will need two or three smart outfits, proper shoes, evening bag.  Excited!

8.  Mum is changing my bed.

9.  The washing machine is whirring away.

10.  Maybe will make a list of what-to-take-on-holiday…

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2011.  Deborah Levy.  Literary fiction novel.

2 thoughts on “Swimming Home*

  1. Kindle? Or do you have a beau lugging your bookcase for you? And yes, I know, not the same feeling. But still think about the space in suitcase to buy clothes and presents (for me, of course) back!

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