I’m Not Scared*

“I’m going to take my suitcase out and put it on the floor,” I say to Mum on the phone this morning.

“Don’t make the mistake of packing though,” Mum says.  “I’ve done that in the past, and you just forget what you’ve packed.  Tell you what: why don’t you set your clothes out on the spare bed?”

“Ah, that’s a good plan,” I say.

Right.  List of things to take on holiday:

1.  Fit flops – three pairs.  Maybe pink, navy and gold.  Or silver.  And what about black.  Or red.  And can’t forget the purple ones.  Argh.

2.  Shorts: navy ones with all the little flowers.  White ones.  Then one pair out of plain navy, white with candy stripes and cream.

3.  Sundresses: about seven.

4.  Bolero cardigans for evening: red, orange and navy.

5.  Black, white, red and turquoise-and-purple-striped cardigans for day.

6.  Black and also blue linen trousers and one or two pairs of jeans for daytime.

7.  Swimsuits, bikinis and matching cover-ups.

8.  Mum has the books, notebooks and suncreams already.

9.  Nightwear

10.  Shampoo, simple bath stuff and various beach-waves-salt-sprays for hair as will be attending The Beach and wandering around with wet hair.

11.  Argh not meant to be having Holiday Romance.  Must tell boys “no thank you I have a boyfriend.”  Have met chaps in Abroad before.  That response inflames their ardour even further.  Maybe will just not engage in chat with them or…well will cross that bridge when we come to it. 

12.  Plasters, toothpaste, toothbrush.  Will mosquito/ insect bite stuffs be required.  Will just ask Mum…

….Mum says “mosquitoes don’t live by the sea.”  So won’t pack mosquito-repelling-band, deet wipes etc.

13.  Jewellery.  Depends a bit on which clothes am taking.

14.  Socks, knickers, training bras.  Will need socks for gym.

15.  Gym clothes.

Exhausted just thinking about all this!  Going back to bed for a few minutes.  Will read some articles on How-To-Pack…

Happy Friday everyone!

*2004.  Niccolo Ammaniti.  Thriller.  

4 thoughts on “I’m Not Scared*

  1. Citronella oil is good for mosquitoes. (Natural and smells of lemons. Duh) The little pests sneak around everywhere… Dab the oil on your elbows, ankles and earlobes.


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