Under The Volcano*

Seb is looking for a film for us to watch on the Internet.  Am sleepy.  Have just achieved a very nice Mexican lunch at a nearby restaurant (photo attached).  Also: the Marks and Spencer here has the new flared jeans that were sold out in my local one and online.  They are lovely and just £35.  A bargain.  Have tried them on now we are back at the house and they are lovely.

His Mum has invited us for supper tonight so am just scrawling this now.  Hope there will be time for a sleep between film and setting off later.

Seb gave me a present!  Is a silver necklace with a little flower dangling from it.  And, even better, he has invited me to “the family villa in Greece.”  Excited!

Ah, great: he has found the film.  It’s “The Babadook.”  Horror apparently.  Will report on it later.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1984 film.  Directed by John Huston.  Stars Albert Finney.  Adaptation of the book by Malcolm Lowry.  Set in a town based on Cuernavaca, Mexico on The Day of The Dead.  

There is a bar in the film that today’s restaurant looks like I think.

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