The Spaghetti Murders*

Seb has popped out for a few minutes to run some errands so am writing this.  He’s just made us some spaghetti with tomato and mushroom sauce and Parmesan for lunch.

Was a lovely evening at Seb’s Mum’s house but neither of us slept well.  Had such nice cuddles with the fluffy monster’s uncle: photo attached of him and the fluffy monster’s mother.  Now back collapsed at Seb’s place.  This is our last few hours together for several weeks.  It’s been amazing.  We’ve rubbed along together so well.  Think was concerned we might annoy each other, but we haven’t.  Adore him. 

Don’t want to go home to empty flat containing no food.   Also bag is heavy. Call Mum.

“Hi Mum.  What are you doing tonight?” I say.

“Nothing.  Your father is at chess club,” Mum says.  “Why?”

“Well, I’ve got you an amazing present,” I say.  “So, I thought I could come and see you and the fluffy monster.  Otherwise I won’t see him for more than two weeks and…”

“Yes, that will be lovely darling,” Mum says, sounding happy.  So that’s sorted.

Happy Monday everyone!

*a 1920s themed dinner and murder event


3 thoughts on “The Spaghetti Murders*

  1. Gorgeous fluffy monsters! Are they ragdolls? I have a huge lilac mitten ragdoll, looks like the fluffy monster on left but lighter in colour. Think you need to catnap these two and take them home to your flat.

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