Kiss Of Death*

“Hope you had a good sleep last night,” Seb’s message comes through at 10.48am this morning, when am at the Office.  “I did.  Deliceous (sp)!! xxx”

“Me too.  And lovely orange cuddles.  Now Office.  Working hard? xxx”  I say.  Points for effort for that spelling of ‘delicious’, if not for accuracy.

“Not yet.  Soon x”  Seb replies.

“Back from holiday on 13th April.  When is it due in?” I say.  He was stressing yesterday afternoon about this dissertation that he’s meant to be starting today.  If he can just get somewhere with it whilst am away, then can make a plan to see him once return.

“About a week after that.  At my Mum’s again now, so not close to books.  Heading off soon though, and will get on xx” he says.

It would have been easy enough to have taken some books with him, I think.  Unless he went straight to his Mum’s after dropping me at the station, I realise.  He must’ve done that.

“I kiss the fluffy monster’s uncle,” I say.

“I’ll pass it on :)” he says.

“And you.  I kiss you,” I say.  “Love to your Mum.  I had such a lovely time.  Thank you xxx”

“Thanks.  I won’t pass my kiss on.  Shall keep it to myself, but I shall send love to Mum xx” he says.

In irritating news: my period has returned.  It held off during the weekend (thank you universe) but has come back this morning.  So much for drug-induced-menopause.  Anyway, if it can wrap up by tomorrow night, that will be much appreciated.  Don’t want it getting all over my new bikini bottoms and white shorts on holiday.

Have emerged from the weekend fug of love, wine and restaurant meals and am now just feeling deep exhaustion.  And sadness that won’t see my darling boy for three weeks or more.  It’s so long.  Wish could be with him all the time.  Although need separate rooms for sleeping: managed very little over the weekend.   Nothing is quite as distracting than a big, sweaty bloke wrapped around one in the night.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

(Attached fluffy monster shot from this morning)

 *1947.  Film noir.  Stars Victor Mature.  Directed by Henry Hathaway.  Screenplay by Ben Hecht and Charles Lederer.

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