Hippie Hollow: Murder On A Nude Beach*

Walking along the beach, kicking off my fit flops, feeling the sand between my toes.  Blue sky, cerulean sea, pale sand – golden retriever colour. Not the caramel of a working retriever, the pale yellow of a pet one, that is.  The colours of paradise.  A pair of small dogs bomb into the sea and spring out, yapping.  Their owner says something to me that I don’t understand so I just smile.

Back at the beach bar, people chat and smoke.  It’s cheering to see smoking, somehow, an indication of a more relaxed, less health-and-safety obsessed culture.  Today is Shabbat and a holiday so everyone is resting and socialising, walking their dogs, building sandcastles, cycling along the beach.

It’s pleasant listening to the animated chatter around me as I write this.  No idea what people are talking about.  Recognise the odd word but little more than that.  

Am sitting in the shade and it’s a bit chilly under my blanket out of the sun.  Still don’t feel able to sit in the sun, after two years of avoiding it.

Ah I miss Seb, I think.  Can’t wait to see him.  Providing, of course, that he’s made some headway with his work.

“Happy Easter to you and the family.  At cousin’s house.  Is straight out of Sunset Boulevard: huge with enormous staircase,” I text him last night before Shabbat comes in and phones are all switched off.

“You must be enjoying that!” He replies.  “Will pass on your love when I see everyone.  Will be tied to my desk for some time yet.  Best wishes to everyone your side as well.  Happy Easter my love xxx”

He called me his love.  Yay!

“Tied to your desk…good boy xxx” I say.

“I don’t deserve any praise yet, but hopefully I shall prevail.  Enjoy yourself lovely xxx” he says.

Really am not sure why he’s making such a fuss about this piece of work.  It’s about the health benefits of meditation, something which he knows all about.  There must be lots of recent research he can refer to as well.  Anyway: hopefully he will make some headway with it so can see him and cuddle him on my return.

Despite the no-holiday-romance rule, have made a new male chum.  He is very well-endowed.  Photo attached.  He comes from Papua New Guinea.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2011. By Denniger Bolton.  Murder mystery set in Austin.


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