“I’ve been walking in the rain just to get wet on purpose…I’ve been getting away with it all my life…” The strains of Getting Away With It escape from my phone.  Now this truly is amazing: Absolute Radio 90s works in Abroad.  Was just feeling a little bit lonely – the others are at the other end of town – and now the radio is here to keep me company.

Possibly have mild sunstroke: been out in the sun much of the morning and early afternoon and then passed out and have just awoken feeling a bit dizzy and sick.  Will down a coffee and a water and then get out of the hotel.  

Am in possession of some New Gym Shorts for the first time in sixteen years from the Adidas shop in the harbour.  Photo attached.  Note the cat socks, a gift from Suzie.

Wild birds have seen here:

1.  Wild dove: brown.

2.  Starling.

3.  A grey and black crow.

4.  Sparrow

5.  Magpie.

6.  Tiny bird, as yet unidentified, up a palm tree.  Long tail.

7.  Ring necked parakeets: same ones as at home.  Bright green.

Looking in the gym mirror as I do lat pulldowns: now I see why I’m feeling grotty: am sunburned!  Just down the back of my left arm, but it’s starting to sting.  Was bound to happen: haven’t been in the sun for two years until today.

After this last set of kettlebell swings will return to the room, bathe and put on aftersun. 

Happy Sunday evening, everyone!

*1981.  John Lescroart.  Detective thriller.


3 thoughts on “Sunburn*

  1. Did you check how much it would cost to access the internet while abroad using your phone? I know you can get special deals but I would hate for you to get stung with a huge bill when you return to the UK. Glad you are enjoying your holiday. Kevin

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