Murder Goes Round And Round*

The Omelette

“Gone for yet another run,” the note says from my brother. It’s propped up against the bathroom mirror so I can’t miss it.

No-one can accuse us of not at least trying to keep in shape. ”I’m in shape: round is a shape,” as it says on the attached photo.

Have caught the sun a bit on chest: for the first time in three years have the faint outline of a white vest-top on my skin with a light tan around it. Admittedly, the tan is so subtle that no-one else will notice it, but still. Even have a very faint watch mark on my wrist.

Have conflicting feelings about this. It is nice to have a bit of a tan, of course. Look healthier and maybe a bit less fat. But can’t help thinking “had so much radiotherapy and it didn’t work, still have cancer all over my chest”…

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