A Cold Day For Murder*

My poor battered digestive system has sensed we’re going on A Day Trip and is protesting.  

“Come on, let’s get going,” my brother says.  Our train leaves in an hour, it’s a five minute taxi ride to the station so we need to leave Right Now so we can be forty five minutes early.

So, here we are, on the station platform, with forty minutes to kill.  There is wifi.  It is colder today: am wearing a cardigan.

Photo attached is hanging in the parental living room in the hotel here.

“Is that a llama?” Dad says, peering at it.

“No, it’s a wolf,” Mum says.

“Looks like a llama to me,” Dad says.

“It’s Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf,” brother says.

Message Seb yesterday after no-texting-since-Monday: “Just went on cycle ride with Dad.  Was nice. Having fun but I wish you were here with me xxx”

“Sounds pretty impressive!  And nice,” he fires back.  “I’m afraid I still have a lot of project to do.  But as soon as I’m finished I’ll be straight up to see you, or you can visit me.  Looking forward to it.  Hope you have lovely time till then xxx”

My darling boy.  Feel immensely cheered by this somehow, even though he’s disclosing that he hasn’t done much work.  That’s not the point though.  The point is that he wants to see me. 

“Yay!  Am urging you on in a supportive way,” I say.  “Missing you!  Sending lots of love xxx”

“Xxx,” he says.

So am feeling much better about The Seb Situation.  Am not going to worry about whether or not he likes me anymore.  Am just going to assume that he still does and am going to focus on enjoying-what’s-left-of-the-holiday, a mere three days.  Time flies when am away from home it seems.

*2013.  By Dana Stabenow.  Alaskan murder mystery.


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