The Possibilities*

“Wonder what the hotel gym looks like,” I bet you’re saying to yourself as you read this.  “So much of this week’s blog is set there, and yet there isn’t a single photo.”

So, have attached photo of the weights rack, along with my new purple Adidas gym gear.  

Going to do a bit on the bike and a few weights.  It’s very hot today and we’ve been out of town all day so this is my first chance to exercise.  Need to push self harder than this on the bike and then do kettlebells, weights, abs exercises with the ball and so on.  At six o’clock in the evening it still seems hot.  Maybe will try to make it down to the hotel bar for a drink before the sun sets.

Wonder what this holiday would’ve been like if had still been single and had been meeting random Tinder chaps.  Very different, I’d imagine.  More fun but probably a bit more nerve-wracking.   Maybe would’ve gone on several dates and met some fascinating chaps and discovered some great places.  Or maybe would’ve arranged some dates and then cancelled them at the last minute.  Or perhaps I would’ve met someone great and spent all week getting to know him, and been devastated to go home and leave him behind.  

Casting my mind back to past holiday romances, it’s been a while I realise, years since any of note.  It’s been many years since I’ve been on holiday for any length of time.  There was no holiday romance on the Writing Retreat last year, and in the three months I spent in Florence there were only two evenings spent with potential suitors.  In fact, any significant holiday romances happened many years ago.

And now we’ll never know if the addition of Tinder to the holiday environment would’ve sparked a holiday love story this time…

Happy Thursday evening everyone!

*2014.  By Kaui Hart Hemmings.  Novel in which a mother comes to terms with grief over her son’s death.


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