The Boy In The Suitcase*

The Omelette

It’s raining cats and dogs out there, and the bad weather has driven Other People into the gym. Yuck. They are talking, loudly. The peace of my sanctuary is disturbed. And – even worse – they have brought Small Children with them. The gym floor is not a suitable habitat for small children. They are not dressed appropriately, they are noisy and…am just going to ignore all these unwelcome invaders and focus on my exercise bike.

Grumpy, as have been packing-to-go-home. This is the saddest part of the holiday, I think. It’s also a difficult task as:

1. Have used half of certain bottles of eg suncream, moisturiser. Not sure whether to pack them or to chuck them away.

2. Weather is bad now. So do I leave out trousers to wear this evening or a dress. Or both. And what about sun hat and sun blanket.

3. How many…

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