An Ice Cream War*

Sitting on bike at gym, staring out of the window at the unbroken blue sky.  Which is nice.  Wearing my fat-burning shorts so am hot: they work by making you sweat more.  

Have unpacked most of suitcase.  Washed a load of clothes and so did brother so they are all squashed onto the airer.  Don’t much fancy their chances of ever being put away.

Skin and hair seem to be in a bad way after holiday.  Must cover up spots and must-not-touch-them.  Have purchased a hair treatment mask (or is it masque.  Not sure) and will apply that later in the week.

Watched the Battle of Verdun episode of The Great War last night.  Is excellent  episode: very exciting but quite gruesome.  Am glad that am not a twenty year old soldier in 1916.  Or, of course, a war horse.

The weather forecast says it will be twenty degrees later today.  So have put suncream in my office bag.  Will attempt to achieve a walk at lunchtime.  

Suzie visiting later.  Maybe she will help with the last bits of unpacking, or at least talk to me whilst I do it.

Attached photo of spring flowers at the parental home.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1982.  By William Boyd.  Novel about British East Africa in World War I.  Recommended.

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