It’s horrible being back from holiday and on my first bus of the two I need to make it to the office.  So am going to take up After The Rain’s gauntlet and share a list of ‘Fifty Things That Make Me Happy’.

1.  The fluffy monster.  The softest, most orange and most affectionate cat in the world.  And the most gorgeous.

2.  Sunshine.

3.  My Office.

4.  Seb: being with him, talking to him, cuddling him.  A human version of the fluffy monster, in some ways.

5.  My parentals.  The best parentals in the world.

6.  My brother.  

7.  Broccoli.

8.  The omelette.  See http://www.omeletteblog.com

9.  Asparagus.

10.  London buses.  Also vintage cars and planes.

11.  Long tailed tits and other garden wildlife.

12.  Tulips, daffodils and other flowers.

13.  Poirot, Marple and much other detective fiction and T.V detective series.

14.  Vertigo, Rebecca, Psycho and many other Hitchcock films.

15.  The theatre, when am well enough to go.

16.  Artichokes.

17.  Courgettes.

18.  My gym.

19.  Spin.

20.  Cycling with my Dad.

21.  Swimming.

22.  Reading.

23.  Writing.

24.  This blog.

25.  Avocado.

26.  Mexican food.

27.  Indian food.

28.  Sleeping at night.

29.  Baths.

30.  Afternoon sleep.

31.  Breakfast.

32.  Porridge.

33.  Coffee.

34.  Lunch.

35.  Supper.

36.  Wine.

37.  Gin.

38.  Boots.

39.  Fit flops.

40.  Wedge platforms.

41.  Dresses.

42.  Shorts.

43.  My phone.

44.  Tapirs, rhinos, elephants, horses and other large quadrupeds.

45.  Anteaters, armadillos and other animals with long noses.

46.  My zoo.

47.  Big cats, owls, bears and other predators.  Particularly tiger cubs.

48.  Dinosaurs.

49.  When Mum or my boss is pleased with me.

50.  Making people laugh.

Attached photo of tiger cubs.  They are one of my best favourite things.

*1998.  Film.  Directed by Todd Solondz.  Stars Philip Seymour Hoffman.  “The lives of many individuals connected by the desire for happiness, often from sources usually considered dark or evil.”


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