Let The Dark Flower Blossom*

“Hey, I haven’t seen you for ages, how are you?” Heather says.  My Spin Cycling instructor, my favourite gym instructor.  And, also, the one I never see these days as her class is the 9.15am Monday morning Spin.  And, most weeks, am at my Office on a Monday morning at that time.

“Well the cancer has spread to my lungs,” I say.  “But my oncologist seems confident that if the hormone treatment works, maybe that will control it and..,”

“Oh no,” Heather says, looking shocked. “I was just about to stress about the car park charges and…thank you for reminding me about what’s important.  You look fine.”

“It’s not a competition,” I say.  “Sorry: I don’t mean to make you feel bad.  The oncologist seems to think that, so, it’s an oestrogen dependent cancer and so, after the Zolodex injection has induced the menopause then…”

“You’re so brave,” Heather says, adjusting the seat of her bike.

“No, I’m not,” I say.  “I mean, I’m just exercising and working and..”

“Wow,” Heather says.  “That puts my problems into perspective.”  She pulls her long ponytail back, ties it up in a hair band.

“It’s not a competition,” I say, because really it’s not.  “Anyway: some things are good.  So, I got back together with Seb, my ex,” I show her a photo.

“He’s gorgeous,” she says, smiling at the Seb-with-Labradors photo.  

Spin is great.  On the way home, I keep stopping to photograph blossoming trees.  One is attached.

Happy Monday, everyone!

*2013.  By Norah Labiner.  Detective fiction novel.

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