The Day Of The Jackal*

“Your bedroom ceiling just fell down,” Mum says in a tone of great excitement.  “There was a crash and debris everywhere and lots of snails and…do you want to have a look?”

“Yes, OK,” I say.

Opening my bedroom door, I gasp in horror: there’s an enormous hole in the ceiling, just above my pillow.  Or where my pillow was.  The bed has been removed.

“So, it’s a good sign,” Mum says.  She seems cheered by this episode.  “You’ve escaped an attempt on your life.”

“Or someone is trying very hard to kill me,” I say, gazing up into the rafters. A large amount of ceiling is missing.

“What if the fluffy monster had been on my bed?” I say.

“He doesn’t sleep up that end,” Mum says.

“Presumably the debris got everywhere,” I say.  “He could’ve been injured or…”

“He wasn’t,” Mum says.  “And nor were  you.”

Photo of the devastation attached.

Mood is a bit more elevated than is ideal.  Need to rest.  Am going to relax at the flat until everything has settled a bit inside my head.  Can’t write about it now as thoughts are too scattered to write properly or to focus.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1971.  By Frederick Forsyth.  Became a 1973 film, starring Edward Fox.  About the attempted assassination of French President Charles de Gaulle.


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