Downward-Facing Death*

Can do some stuff to stop mood getting any more elevated:

1.  Keep away from the Internet – hence why am only just writing this now.  Technology is not my friend at the moment, sadly.  Can’t work things. 

2.  Rest.

3.  Keep away from shops, restaurants and public transport.  Am cancelling all my plans up till Monday.

4.  Would like to be in a better condition to attend my Office on Monday: keeping to my Routine helps.

5.  As long as am not too annoying to anyone in the workplace, that is.

6.  Achieve an early night.

7.  After some meditation.

8.  And a bath.

9.  But mustn’t shave legs in the bath, lose concentration, slice legs up, bleed everywhere and make mess on floor and towels, as happened the other day.

10.  Must keep off the gin and Red Bull Zero.  Although one might think that this is a good mood stabiliser, somehow it isn’t.

11.  Also it makes people fall over and hurt themselves, photo attached.  That huge bruise covers much of lower back.  Poor me.  There is also a big bruise on bad arm, and there is a build up of fluid in there.  Need to be careful with damaged physical self.

12.  When mood is up, concentration is lessened and movements of the self are more expansive, so there is a greater risk of injury.

13.  Keep off spirits.  Drinks that is.

14.  And off the telephone.

15.  Work off some energy at the gym, which is where I am now.  Again.  But it’s a safe environment.

16.  Watch something nice on the television.

17.  Rest.

18.  Resist the urge to contact ex-friends, old flames and so on.  There’s no point in resurrecting past relationships with people at this time.

19.  Mustn’t annoy Seb.

20.  Or brother.

21.  Resist urge to throw out clothes or other possessions.  Bound to get part of the way through this, become distracted, abandon the plan and leave mess everywhere.

22.  Send happy fluffy orange thoughts to the fluffy monster.

23.  Call parentals to let them know that am OK.  They get worried if turn phone off, ignore their calls and so on.

24.  Leave message with psychiatrist that have lowered anti-depressant dose.

25.  Lower the anti-depressant dose.

26.  Exit any email or Facebook chats or arguments.  They are bad for one.

27.  Write important plans down or run the risk of forgetting them.

28.  Must resist urge to push self too much at gym.  Back is injured.

29.  Don’t snap at people.  Is not their fault that they are slow and seem even more stupid than usual.

30.  Be kind to parentals and brother.  Poor them 😦

31.  Rest

32.  Put the washing away as a small kindness to brother who will be cooking dinner for the parentals tomorrow whilst am not straining self.
Happy Thursday everyone!
*2012.  By Neal Pollack.  A Matt Bolster yoga mystery book.


3 thoughts on “Downward-Facing Death*

  1. Popped in to see how you are doing in here, A friend posted someones story on breast cancer and it reminded me you have a fabulous blog. I LOVE 21 and 29 and also 3 for its sheer determination. Love you xxx

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