April Showers*

April A to Z

Asparagus, artichokes, avocado.  So many lovely spring vegetables.  Apple blossom.

Broccoli – purple sprouting.  Birds.

Cuddles with the fluffy monster, as he sheds orange fluff everywhere.  He is losing his winter coat.  Ceanothus flowering everywhere.  Photo attached.  Cherry blossom.

Death of winter, let us hope.

Excitement about summer.

Fat.  Must do something about this.

Gallipoli 100 year anniversary this weekend I think.

Hair is growing long enough to style, at last.  Hot flushes in the middle of the night.

Inside the flat but it is warm enough to sit outside and will do that in a minute.

Job.  Must try to get to the Office during the rest of the month.

Kites may have some babies.  We have a pair living near the parentals and maybe they will breed.

Lucy’s visit yesterday.  More visits from my chums to look forward to.

Murders.  Nice murders on the television that is, or in books.  Nice period murders.  Mental disorder.  Mild issues with mental disorder.  

Nearly summer.


Park: visiting my lemurs.  

Quiet.  The birds are building their nests over there >>>>  

Rabbits and baby rabbits everywhere.

Seb.  Love him.  Will see him soon.  Shorts.  Wearing them today in fact.

Tulips.  The purple tulips are out at the flat.  The park is full of tulips of all colours: red and yellow, orange, pink.

Umbrellas – for April showers.

Voles.  The Owls need a lot of them to feed to all the owlets.

Whatever love means.

Xylophone music.  Not very much begins with X.  Don’t tend to like x-rated things.

Yes obviously mood has not settled down yet but it’s on its way.

Zzzzzz eventually, after supper.
Argh parentals have just arrived.  Must do something helpful.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2013.  Karli Perrin.  Contemporary romance novel.

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