“Are you about to go to sleep my lovely?”  Seb’s message comes through at about nine o’clock last night.  “Just sitting down to supper with parentals.  Can I call in about 30 – 40 minutes?”

“Yes, of course,” I say, chuckling.  Am turning him into me: he has never used the word ‘parentals’ before, as far as I know – it is one of my words.  Let us hope he can absorb some of my time keeping skills too, as well as verbal tics.

My darling Seb.  Wish he was here.  And yet, maybe it is better that he is not here, whilst my mood settles a bit. Am feeling a bit calmer now.  One more day of resting and then fingers crossed will be fine for the Office on Monday.  

Writing this on my bike at the gym, staring at the sky.  It has been a muggy, warm day but now it feels like Rain is coming.  Checking the weather on my phone, it expects rain at seven o’clock so must crack on with this as need to set off for home before it rains.

Ah there is Prince Harry at the Gallipoli Centenary event on the television news. This must be highlights.  Not sure how I managed to miss it: was searching for it earlier.  Have even missed Prince Harry giving a speech.  What a shame.  Have no earphones here.
Looking forward to walking home and then preparing some supper and enjoying a nice murder – maybe Foyle’s War – and then an early night.  Or, maybe, Gallipoli or some other First World War film or documentary will be on.  Hope so.

Attached photo is of two of the local police horses.  Asked if it was OK to take a photo, and they posed for it.  Aren’t they amazing?  One of the local police horses is called Gallipoli, or there was such a horse six years ago anyway.  

Happy Saturday evening everyone!
*1981.  Mel Gibson film.  Directed by Peter Weir.  About Gallipoli.  Haven’t seen it since 2000, when watched it with my then boyfriend.  It was heavily criticised for ignoring the British contribution to the campaign.

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