Genius In Murder*

Woohoo!  Have been nominated for this award by the wonderful Tara at ‘After The Rain’.  Thank you so much Tara.

So, I have to say 7 things about my self.

1.  Always wanted to be a zookeeper when I grew up.  Worked at my zoo as a volunteer in various departments: Children’s Zoo, Small Mammal House, Marketing and even dressed up as an animal.  Photo attached.  Am the anteater.  Also dressed as a tiger:

Anyway: went to university and attempted to get back into the zoo keeping world after, but it didn’t happen.

2.  Love my cat.  He’s half Ragdoll, half farm cat and a hundred percent amazing.  Unfortunately he lives with the parentals: Mum thinks that my flat is OK for me apparently, but not for her precious feline grandson.  He is orange and very fluffy:

3.  Suffer from a very nasty form of breast cancer.  Try not to spend too much time thinking about this as it has, so far, not responded to any of the horrible treatments that have been thrown at it.

4.  On the plus side, my Bipolar 1 disorder – also quite treatment resistant – is just about possible to live with, most of the time anyway.  you will find my coping strategies and so on detailed in this blog.

5.  My main interests are: military history, sleeping, resting, Golden Age detective fiction, wildlife, cycling, sleeping, writing, vegetables, afternoon sleeping and gin.

6.  After ten years, and almost a year of Tinder dating, have finally achieved a relationship with my great love.  He is called Seb and features in this blog.

7.  Pre-Seb, there were many many many dates.  Most of them are in this blog, if you can be bothered to read it.

So, I need to nominate 7 blogs for the award.  They are:

Back In Stilettos Again

Sex And The City Of Light

Ellen Nguyen

Chantal And Shekinah

My Mad Fat Running Diary

A Labrador In Paris

TheHollyhock Door

Right, am going to come back to this and sort out the actual links and so on, but really wanted to post this post before I set off for the gym.  If you happen to read this and see your blog in the list, it would be amazing if you could post in the comments section with a link or something.  Am in a bad state of technical issues atm, even worse than my usual machine-based-disorder…


Happy Saturday everyone!
*1932.  By E.R. Punshon.  Detective novel.

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