Waiting For Wednesday*

As we wait for the New Royal Baby, am reminiscing by watching When Kate Met William.  Love is so nice, particularly when it is a Prince falling in love with “a normal middle class girl”.  And, oh look, here is My Prince Harry being born.

Happy Four Year Anniversary to William and Kate anyway as we wait for the new baby.  What is it even doing in there.  It is late.  Can’t stand lateness, as you all know by now.  

They’ve brought out all the luminaries: Kate’s piano teacher, “friends” of Princess Diana and of William and of Kate, a royal correspondent.  

“We did have posters on the walls of boys.  I think I had Leonardo di Caprio.  She had Prince Harry and Prince William, but William was the big poster,” a school friend of Kate tells us.

1992.  The Annus Horribilis.  “But while the house of Windsor was in turmoil, the Middletons were going from strength to strength,” the voiceover tells us. 

Ohhhhh look here is Seb’s school!  Kate has moved there!  Seb was the year above her.  Am glad that am not having to compete with her for him.  Look how stunning she is already.

“There was a photo in the school magazine.  Kate called it her Kismet photograph.  William is playing polo for Eton on the right and Kate is playing hockey on the left.  She says it demonstrates that they were meant to be together,” a friend says.

Oooohhhh Kate did my Florence trip on my gap year!  I never knew!  Attached photo is a Fiat Cinquecento.  Met him near the office and he reminds me of Florence.

We move on to university.  “She was known as Beautiful Kate almost from day one,” a friend tells us.
“It laid claim to being Britain’s top matchmaking university,” we hear about St Andrews.

And here he is: playing snooker with his chums at university.  Prince William being all nineteen and shaggy haired and looking so young and innocent.  Happy Days.

And here is Beautiful Kate.  Just look at her: all Hair and Legs.

“She was the only girl selected to be in this group of William and his Eton friends,” Kate’s friend says in a lovely Scots accent.

And here are the ghastly paparazzi: “I just bumped into Kate and William on the street and took loads of photos,” one says.

And here, at last, is The Fashion Show.  Here is Kate in the now iconic see through dress.  And here is the designer of That Dress, talking about it.

“When Kate put on that dress, Charlotte Todd’s student project made fashion history,” the voiceover tells us.

“She may have known what she was doing.  And whether she did or not, it worked,” a friend muses.

This male chum isn’t bad.  Wonder where he is now.  Jules Knight he’s called.  A quick consultation with Wikipedia throws up that he became an actor, appeared in Holby City, was a member of a band named Blake and adopted a dog from Battersea.  His new album has just been released.

Nooooo – Kate and Wills have split up.  This is tragic.  Here is Kate in her all women charity rowing team.  And here is the Concert for Diana.  And here Kate is seen mouthing the lyrics for Take That’s “Back For Good.”  And then they are back together.

And here we are in Kenya.  And they are engaged.  “This is my mother’s engagement ring,” William says.

We love you, William and Kate!  Fingers crossed for safe delivery of new baby.

And let’s hear it for Love.  And to Waiting.  

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2014.  By Nicci French.  A Frieda Klein mystery.  Detective novel.

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