Bye Bye Baby*

Watching Kate Middleton: Heir We Go Again.  

It is definitely a bit rubbish and has not very good ‘experts’ but am enjoying it. 

“Do you think this is good, then,” my brother says, as we see Kate: flawless in a sunflower yellow dress, perfect shiny dark hair, amazing smile.  Her white, even teeth gleam.  She gleams.  She is a human racehorse.

“Yes,” I say.  “It is nice to see William and Kate and a bit of royal history.”

Love the royal family.  Love Kate.  There is some good footage of William and Kate looking nice.  If one person is missing it is Lupo the black cocker spaniel.  Haven’t seen him.

“Parenting is a competitive sport,” one of the ‘parenting experts’ says.

This is fascinating stuff.  The monarchy is changing, life is changing.  When my Mum had severe morning sickness – what Kate suffers from – all the way through her pregnancy – no-one looked after her.  We hear that when Kate is ill, all the way through her pregnancies, her mum looks after her.

“Harry got left out of tea at Clarence House with the Queen,” a ‘royal expert’ says.
And here is Harry in the army.

“William genuinely was angry that he was not allowed to go to Afghanistan,” a royal expert says.  Or is it a military expert.

Hurry up baby number two!  They talk, obviously, about some second-royal-babies who have inherited the throne. There’s Henry VIII of course – his big brother Prince Arthur died.  It’s not just him though: Richard I died and his little brother Inherited as King John.  Recently: Edward VIII abdicated and we acquired King George VI – a little brother who never expected to inherit.

A close friend works at the hospital where royal-baby-number-two is about to be born.  And, in this day and age, it is lovely that there are royal obsessives who have been camping outside the hospital for days already.  One chap has just celebrated his eightieth birthday in the queue to see the baby.

So, let’s hear it for William and Kate and love and waiting and our monarchy which has survived and adapted and changed throughout more than a thousand years.

And let’s hope that soon, very soon, there will be a healthy new baby.  All our futures may well be influenced by this Royal Human Larva.  

No message from Seb yet today but he is Working so will just wait to hear from him.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2013.  By Allan Guthrie.  A Detective Frank Collins novel.

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