Killing Hope*

Royal baby is on the way.  As I write this, Kate is in labour.  Am on my bike at the gym, watching the Royal experts and so on.  The labour is “progressing normally”.  

The world’s press are gathered outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.  Can’t hear what anyone is saying as have no headphones, but here are the royal reporters in their blonde bobs and pastel coats.  And over there are the royal-super fans, who have been sleeping outside the hospital for a fortnight.

Labour can take ages though.  Let’s hope it is quick and there is a result soon.

Need to get going.  Seeing psychiatrist, parentals and fluffy monster and then have to return to the flat to wait for my Seb.  


1.  Bum muscles: result of three days of training.

2.  Bad arm.

3.  Cold, congested throat and nose.

4.  Lower back: too much Sitting-at-Office.

5.  Headache.  

Need to climb down from bike and do some moving-around-exercises.  Or lying-on-back ones.  

Argh there is terrible loud music for the new class that happens in the middle of the gym floor.  But must do weights still.  Am going to purchase some ear plugs.

There is, maybe, some excitement happening at the hospital.  All the royal reporters are wearing coats in different shades of blue: periwinkle, powder blue and cornflower.  And scarves.  Must be cold out there on the pavement where they’ve been standing since 6am.  

Attached photo shows the Lego Royal Babies.  They have made a boy and a girl…

Now I’m on the tube.  There’s been a fire near the tracks so the overground station is closed.  A bus ride later, I’m clattering out of town, towards the outskirts, to the end of the line.  

“Happy, happy Saturday,” the message comes through.  It’s from my love.  “Am coming by train after all.  Setting off in 30 minutes.  Be there around 2.”

“Yay!  Can’t wait to see you xxx” I say.

 Am just going to assume he’s arriving on time.  The triumph of hope over experience, I’m sure, but one must always have Hope.

Update:  the baby is born!  A Princess!  Mazeltov to Kate and William 🙂

*2011.  By Keith Houghton.  Serial killer thriller.

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