Machines Of Easy Virtue*

Seb is engaged in a duel with the computer.  He is trying to sort out how to watch a film on the TV, using the HDMI cable.  

“Look, I’ve got the screen bigger now, show you,” I say.  Am proud of my newfound ability to use the Screen button.

“But the picture is not filling the screen, is it?” He says, running a big hand through his mop of dirty blond hair.

“I’m pleased with myself for working out how to change the screen size at all,” I say.  “That’s the biggest the screen will go.”

“You give up too easily,” he says, and returns to battling with the laptop.  

Maybe I do admit defeat too easily in some situations, I think.  The vagaries of machines are a mystery to me.  And I need to work on this and I need to improve my technical skills, for this blog.  And yet whenever there’s a machine it always seems to be not-on-my-side.  It won’t give up its secrets to me.  The oyster slams shut, protecting its pearl.

Seb is still fiddling with the computer.  His perseverance is admirable.  And now we can watch something called Trailer Park Boys.  Not that I mind what we do: is amazing that he’s here.  My darling boy.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Attached photo is a ring-tailed-lemur tail.  From recent Zoo trip.
*2012.  By Jack Price.  “Sex, robots and hot, flying lead.”

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