No More Dying Then*

“I think I’ll leave this toothbrush here,” Seb says as he packs his belongings in preparation for leaving.

“So you’re coming back then,” I say, pulling on my fat-burning trousers.

“I’ll be coming back, yes, of course I will, my darling,” he says, walking over to me, putting his arms round me.  Resting my face against his chest I close my eyes and breathe in his scent: whatever aftershave he wears, I don’t know, and toothpaste and that musky smell of him.  It’s taken him ten years, but at long last he’s leaving a toothbrush here and that’s something to celebrate.  It’s an important milestone.

“Ah, good,” I say, running my hands through his mop of hair.

“Exercise clothes?”  He says, sounding amused as he regards my outfit: tight black fat-burning cycling shorts, black Adidas vest top, striped socks.

“Well, you know,” I say, putting my trainers on.  “You’re going, my brother’s out, I may as well go to the gym.”

“Of course,” he says.

So, here I am at the gym, on my bike, exhausted.  The royal baby is Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, I see as I stare at the screen.  Which is quite nice.  Last royal Charlotte was George IV’s only child, who died in childbirth aged 21.  Apparently the baby is named after her grandfather Prince Charles, even though he is alive, which is what people do if they are not Jewish.  And after Diana, of course, her grandma who died long before she was born.

So, had lovely weekend with Seb, including:

1.  Artichokes, cooked to perfection by me.

2.  Control, the Ian Curtis biopic starring Sam Riley and Samantha Morton.  Excellent but harrowing.  

3.  Seb cooking a few meals.  Good boy.

4.  The omelette.  Cooked by me.

5.  Perfect day today involving long walk, pub lunch and some of Unforgiven.

6.  Cuddles.

7.  Sleep, although not enough.

8.  Seb reiterating that he loves me.

9.  Us agreeing that we are very happy Right Now, whatever happens next in life.

10.  Even achieved a bath this morning.  Medal to myself for Self Care.

Attached photo is an iris that passed on my way here.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1971.  By Ruth Rendell, who has just died aged 85.  An Inspector Wexford novel.  

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